Senior Pet Care
in Centerton, AR

Senior Pet Care

We adore senior animals! Senior pets have different demands than their younger counterparts, and therefore they benefit from more frequent veterinary appointments. Age-related illnesses include:

  • Arthritis
  • Dental Illness
  • Heart Condition
  • A liver Condition
  • Renal Disease
  • Hormonal Disorders

As your pet ages, these ailments will start to occur more frequently. Due to this, we advise pets older than 7 years old to see the vet twice a year. Early indicators of osteoarthritis in your senior pet may include stiffness during rest or play, difficulty ascending or descending stairs, and decreased activity. Early treatment for arthritis using prescription drugs where necessary, joint supplements, and altered diet and exercise regimens can significantly increase your pet’s comfort and mobility.

The same is true for older pets: completing annual screening blood testing can assist discover early stages of medical disorders that might go unnoticed and drastically worsen without treatment.

Age-related behavioral changes in some pets may indicate cognitive impairment, which resembles dementia in some aspects. Your vet may advise dietary changes and supplements to help keep your senior pet mentally alert. Your pet doesn’t necessarily have to experience problems as they age. To help keep your elderly pet healthy and at ease, visit your veterinarian frequently.

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