Pet Emergency and Urgent Care
in Centerton, AR

Pet Emergency and Urgent Care
In a crisis, every second counts. Our well-trained team will immediately do a triage assessment to determine whether your pet is stable and need immediate medical attention when you bring them in for emergency or urgent treatment. You might be requested for permission to conduct CPR in life-threatening circumstances (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

Assessing your pet’s level of consciousness, airway/breathing state (laboured breathing or choking, lack of oxygen), circulatory status (pale gums or weak pulses, racing heart), and pain score is the first step in basic triage. Patients who require emergency care will be transferred, with their permission, to our treatment area for immediate doctor evaluation and the start of emergency care.

Your pet may need to have an IV catheter placed, IV fluids given, oxygen supplements given, and painkillers given as part of the initial stabilisation process. After stabilising your pet, your veterinarian will go over a diagnostic plan that may include imaging (radiograms, ultrasounds), laboratory examination (blood and/or urine testing), and treatment customization to determine the severity of the condition.

Your pet may occasionally require specialised care at a referral or specialty facility. When this occurs, our experts will go over transfer and referral options. Your pet’s condition in the emergency hospital will be updated to your primary veterinarian regularly.

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