Pet Diagnostic Care
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Diagnostic Care
Timely diagnostic test findings are crucial for assisting your veterinarian in developing the most effective treatment strategy when your pet gets suddenly ill or in the event of an emergency. We have cutting-edge hospital laboratory technology that can produce test results in just a few minutes. Initial laboratory evaluations for your sick pet could consist of:
  • laboratory testing for infectious illness, baseline organ function testing, and blood counts. Your pet may have blood or urine samples taken from them for point-of-care or reference lab tests. Point-of-care tests are those that are carried out right there in our hospital so that we can get results and recommendations for therapy as soon as feasible. When a test cannot be done using the hospital’s lab equipment or when test results are not urgently required, lab samples may need to be sent to off-site laboratories (reference laboratories).
  • Imaging techniques like x-rays and ultrasound are used to diagnose diseases of the heart and lungs, gastrointestinal obstruction, tumours of the internal organs or bones, fluid in the chest or abdomen, gallstones or urinary stones, diseases of the reproductive system, and problems with the bones and joints. The majority of patients can be restrained gently during these procedures; nevertheless, sedation may be required in some circumstances.
  • When analysing lab samples like ear swabs, skin scrapes and impressions, and needle biopsies of malignancies, microscopy is very helpful. These exams are useful in the diagnosis of otic (ear) and dermatologic disorders.
  • Evaluation of eye disorders such as tear production (Schirmer Tear Test), corneal damage (fluorescein stain), or excessive intraocular pressures may be necessary (Tonometry).
Diagnostic Care
The establishment of a treatment plan for your pet should start with diagnostic testing since it enables your veterinarian to identify the underlying issue(s) and determine the likelihood of a successful outcome. Your pet’s veterinarian can explain the goals of each diagnostic test and help you decide which ones could be most useful in identifying the underlying cause of your pet’s sickness.

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