Pet Surgery and Related Services
in Centerton, AR

Pet Surgery and Related Services
It’s possible that your pet will require surgery at some time in their life. You can be sure that our experts will give your pet the best care possible whether it’s an emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction or an elective procedure like spaying or neutering.

Our facility offers the following surgical services for companion animals:

  • Normal spaying and neutering
  • Dentistry
  • Removing tumours
  • Soft tissue and abdominal procedures
  • Surgery involving joints
  • Biopsies and endoscopy
  • A laparoscopic procedure
Prior to arranging any surgeries, we demand a physical examination session with one of our doctors for the sake of our pet. Our team will outline the procedure before it is planned, including:
  • Any recommended pre-surgical testing, such as baseline laboratory testing, is helpful to ensure there are no surprises on the day of surgery. The prevention of surgical or anaesthetic complications, such as excessive bleeding, which can happen when patients have low platelet counts or improper clotting, can be aided by knowing that your pet’s blood test results are normal. If your pet has liver or renal illness, your veterinarian may recommend a different set of anaesthesia medications to help with recovery from the procedure and avoid complications.
  • Restrictions on what you can eat and drink before surgery; you might need to fast before your pet’s procedure. When advice is given, our staff will let you know.
  • The staff will walk you through the steps that need to be taken on the day of surgery, from initial intake to sedation and general anaesthesia, anaesthetic monitoring, the procedure, and recovery. They will also explain what will happen to your pet once you leave the hospital.
  • Pet aftercare and discharge – while some patients may be able to go home the same day as their surgery, others may require an overnight stay or a referral to a facility that offers round-the-clock care. The veterinary staff will give you advice on what is best for your pet and will also go over any necessary follow-up treatment and rechecks.
Pet Surgery and Related Services

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